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How to Read Chozoan

The Chozo alphabet contains some sounds that we typically write with two letters in English. Consequently, there were some technical constraints involved when the font for the language was created. When you hover over any Chozo symbols, you'll see the text that was used to type them - this is a phonological aid for newbies.

Below is a list of the letters which utilize an alternate key vs. the sound it represents:

Chozoan Key

[`] ` "th" like the "th" in "think" - af`ali = afthali "feather"

[~] ~ "dh" like the "th" in "that" - ~o = dho "the (animate)"

[q] q "sh" like in "shoe" - yuqim = yushim "to eat"

[Q] Q "zh" like the "s" in "measure" - Quzi = zhuzi "murky"

[c] c "ch" like in "church" - codas = chodas "enough"

[j] j "j" as in "judge" - jinzir = jinzir "romance"

[x] x "ae" like the "a" in "cat" - muqxrgim = mushaergim "to give back"

All remaining letters are typed as you expect:

[p] p

[b] b

[t] t

[d] d

[k] k

[g] g

[n] n

[m] m

[f] f

[v] v

[s] s

[z] z

[h] h

[l] l

[r] r

[a] a as in "father"

[o] o as in "cold"

[y] y as in "yes" when at the start of a word or between two vowels

[i] i as in "feet" everywhere else

[w] w as in "walk" when at the start of a word, after a consonant and before another vowel (like the u in "quake"), or between two vowels

[u] u as in "too" everywhere else

[e] e as in "wet"

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