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1. neidor - Beginnings


bakorce yunepaz nul qeta zui. bakor cozo nul ju ihfa tra qahakor ah eyoni uqid uci eki tri ohluim uhakor. Roh anboce tallonce bakorce akon nul linom paz aluskei. mijasigxi tamdce ~ir ginzir, auntor uhd zimcigxi denor, ponnar xtorohc qarragxor somhar. Bakor nul kayorbe rihnor lozorsacon ginzoakorbe, ukorce leitrani tra torakorbe, bakorce tra mio ekir muqxrgakor. Qxhz gitor simor bakor sacon anbo rahvuskeir: bakorce fehz nul insa xrum coah wiec ce xohvir plar tahr ce fuhbo xd aluskei. bakor nul is qox dujin xd korun, xhnasol deru ce weva tuice korun tra mxcipui iz lxsakor. bakorce bosum nul otbikaukoragx pom, bakor nul lum mavakorbe, yxm tra lupakor.


Our sanctuary grows by the day. We Chozo know much of technology, but we have chosen to leave it behind on this journey.Our home here on Tallon IV will be a place of simplicity: structures hewn from the stone, bridges woven with branches, hallways caressed by pure waters. We build around the ancient and noble trees, drawing from their strength and giving them our own in return. All that is wild will flow around us here: our race will be just one more group of creatures in the knit of nature. It is our hope that such a state will bring with it greater wisdom, a greater understanding of the nature of the universe. Once our city here is complete, we will peer inward and discover the truth.

Vocabulary List

  1. bakor - we, us
  2. yunepaz - sanctuary
  3. nul? - topic marker
  4. qeta? - daily
  5. zuim? - to grow
  6. ju? - much, a lot
  7. ihfa? - science, technology
  8. tra? - object marker
  9. qahim? - to know
  10. ah? - but
  11. iyoni? - this (inanimate)
  12. uqid? - journey
  13. uci? - for, purpose of
  14. eki? - it (inanimate)
  15. tri? - indirect object marker
  16. ohluim? - to leave
  17. uhim? - to choose
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